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                                                               Computer Lab Manager: Mrs. Castaneda

                                                              Technology Forms/ Helpful Sites

For Staff                                                                               For Students/Parents
Tech Tools                                                                                Click here for DESTINY LIBRARY TOOL 
Tech tools encompasses all subjects                                                Library Catalog
and a variety of available websites                                                    Capstone and variety
and tools to amp up your lesson                                                       of research tools for students
Click here to see TECH TOOLS!                                                    Click here to AR Test
Employee Computer/Technology Use Policy                              AR Testing may only be administered
Document regarding the acceptable use                                        during school hours to ensure accountability.
and access of technology/computer resources                               Click here for Starfall
of the Donna Independent School District.                                    Starfall is a free online learn to read program
Click here to view DISD policy for Employees

A comprehensive document depicting the
goals of DISD regarding technology.
Click here to read the DISD Goals for technology
Cool Websites for the 21st Century Teacher
A list of cool sites teachers and parents alike
may want to check out. Varies from subject
to subject. Most require an email address
for subscription.
Click here to check out "Cool sites for the 21st Century teacher"

For a preview of THINK THROUGH MATH (TTM) Click the document link: TTM.pptx

For a preview of LEXIA program Click the document link : LEXIA.pptx

For a preview of Destination Reading program Click the document link: Destination.pptx

Click for Capstone Library
Click for Destination Reading