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David Alegria 

Our utmost goal at B.G. Guzman Elementary is to provide a safe learning environment
where students can thrive and reach exemplary academic achievement.
All visitors must report to the front office and sign-in in order to receive clearance to visit the campus.
We ask all visitors please park on the North side of the campus and come in through the front office.
Please use designated pick-up and drop-off areas in the morning and afternoon.
Instructional time begins at 7:50 and ends at 3:30.                                   

REMEMBER: You must secure any child under 8 years old in a federally approved
child car-seat while operating the vehicle, unless the child is more than 4 feet 9 inches tall.
For more free information regarding Texas Safety Laws and car-seat regulations click here.
Helpful links: For TexasClickitorTicket Campaign click here.

Parents, Visitors, and Staff
Please stop for all pedestrian traffic! It's the law!
Please stop for all school buses during loading and unloading! It's the law!
Click here for School Transportation Laws in Texas

Click Here to redirect to the Donna I.S.D Police Department page.
"The fundamental mission of the Donna Independent School District Police Department is to uphold and enforce the Constitution of the United States of America, all applicable Federal, State, Local Governments, and School District Rules and Regulations.  To insure a positive learning environment which is free of crime, violence, or the threat of violence."


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